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Please use an abundance of caution when placing your specialneeds pets.  Do not rely on personal impression, not even on "vet checks".   If at all possible visit the potential adopter in person or have a trustworthy person do same. You are the only person to protect your pet from falling into the hands of a "con". TRUST BUT VERIFY




We did a rescue from Compton this past week and got 6 puppies and mom and dad. We have fostered out all puppies and left with mom and dad. Mom will be easy well easy not that easy she is a pure shepherd all black great spirit love and playful young year and half loves kids and dogs. We have them both kennels at a day care. It is costing me a lot and funds are running out. We vetted all of them and have bathed and cared and bought and done. The story which is on Facebook and you can check it out will really touch you.

I get a call from a girl who is standing in Compton trying to get a mom and her puppies some food and the owner is not letting her do it. She stood thee while he killed two of the puppies and while the mom was asking and happy to take the food he pinned her down and poured motor oil all over her and started to light her on fire. He then stomps on the other puppie causing it to have a break in the spine. Horrified at that point I get this call. I am with law endorsement and called Compton and officers go to meet her there. These people have a crack house and nothing was being done. I was mortified because they had a gun related call and left her there at 9pm.. She is a blond blue eye girl scared to death at this point. She went around the corner and cried. She got enough nerve to go back and the guy was gone and one of the girls in the house took 40 bucks from her and handed her the remaining puppies and mom and she got out of there and took to a vet that was open. So this went on face book with all my connection and friends and Victoria was help hostage until we came up with 700 to treat the family.

Victoria went back the next day and rescued dad. This is the sad part..he is older and has been been beaten down and his spirit is so broken he does not want to get up and go pee or eat or move from his spot. It is amazing what some love attention can do in a few days. He is slowly coming around and now goes out on leash and eats and has some glimmer of hope left in him. Please I am begging you to please help me find him a foster home so he can have someone to just let him and love on him. He does not want much from anybody just food water and a bed. He is cry quite and calm and does not bark or anything. We have worked with him for days now and he is really coming around. Please go to our Facebook and see what this story has gone. I need your help. I do horses and would know what to do because of my years of connections but this I don't. I would with L.A.P.D and do rescues in the fires and on call 24/7 on vet calls in towing. I need help and someone to step in. We have had them in a boarding place but Victoria still goes there2 times a day to walk and brush and do for friend and I can't keep doing the bill for much longer. We did all the shots, blankets, food vet bills,everything else. I am thinking maybe I could take mom but we will see I have a big shepherd that is too aggressive and two others as it is. Please help us find a home for him and her if you can. 805-582-0316

Robin Greely



I am a volunteer with St. Francis Animal Protection Society in Campbell, CA. We have two very inspirational special needs dogs that we'd like to spread the word about, if you're willing to list them. They are both in foster homes through St. Francis, but are in search of their forever families. Information and photos below. Thank you so much!

Kayla - Dachshund, Female, 10 years, 10 lbs

Description: Kayla is a senior girl who needs a very special furever home. She's got an old injury that left her hind-end paralyzed. Despite her condition, Kayla is full of life and has the most joyful spirit. She spreads happiness to everyone around her. No one is immune to this girl's exuberance! Kayla loves squeaky toys, but particularly those loofah dog types. They are her favorites! She loves to play and can move surprisingly fast. This sweet girl has so much love left to give. Looking for your very own ball of sunshine? Here she is! Miss Kayla will show you each and every day just how wonderful life can be if you just keep smilin'.

More about Kayla: Good with DogsGood with CatsGood with Older/Considerate Kids OnlyGood with AdultsSomewhat vocalDoes Good in the CarDoes not require a yardLeashtrainedPlays fetchLikes to play with toys,Likes to swimLikes to be in your lapNeeds special careObedientPlayfulAffectionateEager To Please,IntelligentEven-temperedGentleGoofy

Special Needs: Kayla has an old spinal trauma that rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. She is incontinent and requires someone who knows how to express her bladder as needed, keep her clean after bowel movements, and monitor her hind end for sores. She requires a drag bag and wheel cart.

Kayla's web page with more photos and videos:

Buck - English Setter, Male, 10 years, 40 lbs

Buck is a dapper old gentleman in search of a very special home. He is blind and needs someone who will serve as his companion and guide through life. Buck came to us with advanced cataracts in both eyes. The left retina had already detached, so removing the cataract would not have restored Buck's sight in that eye. We were able to surgically repair the right eye through cataract removal, so he was able to see for about three weeks. Unfortunately, the retina detached in that eye shortly after surgery, so Buck has lost his sight permanently. Buck's sight impairment doesn't hold him back as much as you'd think - he does very well with all the stairs and other dogs in his foster home. On leash, he's ready to go! He also loves the freedom of a fenced backyard, but only if he knows his person is nearby. Aside from his sight impairment, Buck is in great health. He enjoys snuggling, giving kisses, and sitting on laps. It's the most adorable thing - he backs right up and plops down on his foster mom's lap and is perfectly content to sit there as long as she lets him. He'll do this to anyone he meets. What a funny guy! Buck does just fine with other dogs, but he wouldn't mind being an "only child" either. As long as he gets somebody to love him forever, he's ok with just about anything! If you're looking for a super lovable buddy who also happens to be show-stoppingly beautiful, Buck is your boy!

More Info on Buck: Good with Dogs, Not Good with CatsGood with KidsGood with AdultsSomewhat vocalDoes Good in the CarDoes not require a yardLeashtrainedLikes to be in your lapApartment OKNeeds special care,ObedientAffectionateEager To PleaseIntelligentEven-temperedGentleGoofy

Special Needs: Buck was blind due to advanced cataracts in both eyes when he came to us. After surgical repair, we were able to restore his sight in the right eye by removing the cataract. We did not perform the surgery on Buck's left eye because the retina had already detached; removing the cataract would have been a moot point. Unfortunately, Buck's right retina detached three weeks after he regained sight in that eye. He is now completely blind in both eyes again. He is quite senior and may have anywhere from 2-5 years left. Buck's adopter needs to be prepared to take him to biannual eye exams at about $150 each, as well as give him eye drops daily in each eye.

Buck's web page with additional photos & videos:





I'm writing to you in need of help for a lovely dog named Nigel. He is currently being fostered in Indiana which is associated with the rescue group called "Midwest Dachshund Rescue"
He is about 10 years old and is a double dapple which as you probably know can result in disabilities for dogs.
Anyway he has been in and out of foster and adoption meet and greets for about 2 years now.
It has been hard to find him a home for some time now, and due to traveling obligations his foster mother will no longer being able to care for him. We must find a forever home for him soon. If you're willing to post him on your site or help us with tips on helping us help this little guy, please please let me or my mom know. (my mom is more involved in the rescue group and can find you more direct contacts or info about nigel.) Thank you for your time -Carly Silveira 7-7-14




Name: Opal Dot   Breed: Shepherd Mix  Size: 40 pounds  Age: 9-12 months  UTD on shots  Spayed  Located in So. CA  Temperament: Docile, sweet, shy

We adopted a pup from the shelter 3 months ago. Her ability to walk has declined significantly. We took her to the vet to be checked and she has a severely deformed pelvis causing extreme hip dysplasia. We cannot afford to have the surgery she needs and were told that the surgery will not fix the problem, however it will help her not have pain. We have chosen to let her live her life the best she can and give her pain meds to help. When the time comes that she no longer has a good quality of life we will make the tough decision to put her down. However, if there is an adopter who is better suited to help her get the surgery (surgeries) and rehabilitate her, we would be open to finding her a new home. We just hate seeing her the way she is. We are doing what we can but thought we’d check to see if there is anyone who would be able to commit the time, money and energy she will need over the course of her life. Thank you for reading this.
Heather Thomas


Our Dr. is Dr. Camp at ARK Animal Hospital (they work with rescues a lot and are located in Murrieta, CA). Basically they can do surgery on her left hip to relieve her pain there but she will become even more unstable than she already is. The only surgery they can do to help her is to shave the ball of the socket off so it won't dislocated her hip anymore. Her right hip is almost as bad as her left but she can't have both done because she will not be stable at all. She will eventually develop arthritis in her right hip because of that. She will also eventually need wheels to get around on. She plays with our other dog but feels worse as the day goes on and basically ends up only using her front legs by the evening. We have been told to not allow her to jump, run, go on long walks, etc. Dr. Camp at ARK Animal Hospital has an orthopedic surgeon she recommended and said he is probably the cheapest way to go. For the left hip without any overnight stays and doing rehabilitation completely on my own it is about a two thousand dollar surgery. Thank you for any help you can offer. She is just the sweetest, most precious baby. It's so sad to see her like this and know we cannot help her. Thank you for any help you can give. 
Heather Thomas



Meet Finn! 

This sweet boy has been with us for about 2 months now. We found him on the side of the road one night eaten up with ticks and fleas, extremely malnourished and dehydrated, and many infected gashes and cuts on his face and head. After a few weeks of medicine, baths, and love, this is Finn now! He is 100% deaf, which we found out a few weeks after we rescued him. None of us know how to do sign language and I am not quite sure how to train him. I would love to find somebody to give this little guy a furever home. He is so loving, gives kisses and hugs. Hes well behaved but he's still a baby so yes he needs a little work. He looks to be some sort of cattle dog and shepard mix. He is probably only 6 months old, I will guess. He is currently staying at my mother in law's house because my landlord does not allow big dogs, so he has been outside everyday. I can't stand to see him out in this heat with no attention. Please share this and help get this guy a great home!!



Meet Ludwig, a wonderful dog that needs to find his forever home.  He loves other dogs so if he could find a home with a canine playmate that would be terrific!  Ludwig is stunning and has quite a regal air about him.  Perhaps it is because he is deaf that he notices everything and is so very smart.  Ludwig has a wonderful vet tech from our spay/neuter clinic to thank for his opportunity to find a better life.  During this past winter, this vet tech passed by his house on her way to and from work and saw that he was chained outside in the dirt and appeared to have little, if any, care or attention.  She spoke to the owner of the house who agreed to surrender Ludwig.  The vet tech asked if we could take Ludwig into our rescue program and help him find a real home.  He has been a great fit here since he has lots of dogs to play with!  He is a very attentive and obedient boy and is crate-trained and housebroken.  He is wonderful on lead.  He notices everything and you may find that you start noticing the smaller things too as you explore together on your walks.  Ludwig has the best time chasing leaves blowing in the wind or watching the clouds and birds in the sky.  We are so excited to help him to find that special place to call his own where he can blossom even more and get all that well-deserved attention that he missed in the first few months of his life.  He is now 11 months old and currently weighs 31 lbs.  Ludwig has been neutered, microchipped and is up to date on all of his shots.  He is heartworm negative and on monthly preventatives for heartworms, fleas and ticks.  If you would like to meet Ludwig please complete our adoption application form at .  Call 336.251.8877 with any questions about Ludwig or our rescue process.  We do require that you come visit with Ludwig at our adoption center in downtown Mocksville, NC.  We are there by appointment only, so please call to set that up. 
Kim K,
Aussie Rescue Placement Helpline (volunteer)
New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue (volunteer)
Blind Dog Rescue Alliance (volunteer)
Lethal White Aussie Rescue Yahoo group (moderator)
Deafdogs Yahoo group (Moderator)
PTC Pet Transport Coordinators (member)
Independent Transport Coordinator


Found Australian Shepherd female puppy in las vegas, nv... Sweet, loving, calm most of the time!  She has such potential, but we don't have the means to take care of her right now. .. I don't want to send her to a shelter but I only have a few days & I'm desperate to have her saved.

She is less than a year,  female,  Australian shephard, deaf, sweet, extremely loving... I don't know much about her since I found her. ..



Anyone out there that can deal with a deaf furbaby, that doesn't have other dogs or cats? She is absolutely special needs. PLEASE SHARE HER. Thanks, (Brenda)

Halifax Humane Society
2364 LPGA Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32124
Phone: 386-274-4703 
Fax: 386-267-0651
Email address:



His name is Spirit, im guessing 3-4 yrs old, male, neutered, white pit mix with gorgeous blue eyes, he is 100% deaf, he is good with other dogs. Spirit would probably do best in a home without small children, only because small children are more prone to startle a deaf dog.


My name is Powder - because, as you can see, (pictures below) I am all white.  I am really, I mean really, a good and super sweet dog (well not sweet like a girl) but sweet like a good boy.  My owner told me a couple of weeks ago that my life is going to have to change. It took him a while to tell me, since he was having to sign due to my deafness. 

So anyway, once I understood that he was moving out of the country - (I am not really sure what all this means) but I think it means I need a new home.  This makes me very sad and I can tell he was REALLY sad when he told me this plan.  I know he has been trying to find a place for me and he is having a hard time (I can read lips and sad faces) so I thought I would help him out by contacting some rescue places that are deaf dog friendly. 

About me:
Name:  Raine Powder - everyone calls me Powder
Size:  Large but not hugely large
Looks:  Very handsome if I do say so myself
Age:  5 years old
Neutered:  yes I know what this means.  YES
Mood:  All around happy and I love to play.  I also swim when I get hot
Color: All White

Can you please call my Aunt (she is helping my daddy) or email her back and please oh please tell her you can find a place for me.  It would make me so happy and you already I can read faces.  Also we can drive far if we need to, I love to ride in the car.

My Aunts name is Jewell and her phone number is 818 516 2999

Wednesday, October 02, 2013 7:50 PM    VISION IMPAIRED SENIOR GOLDEN Mix
RETURNED to Shelter Today... Wantagh, Long Island, Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter * ROSIE*  Golden Mix *

Rosie was RETURNED to the Shelter today....Oct 2, She snapped twice while being pet near her head....we now suspect that she was abused previously...she was brought in with severe fleas...therefore she may have medical issues bothering her terribly...ear infections, bad teeth, skin infections??? Any of these can cause a dog to snap when being touched in the area...praying that someone will get her out and get her feeling well...her rotten former family dropped her off with a note to have her euthanized. This good dog deserves a break!!!!!

This beautiful girl was adopted on Sunday by a loving, caring family. Rosie snapped twice while being petted near her head…the family was just not prepared to deal with this behavior  and they returned her to the shelter today, Wed, Oct 2.

They said everything about this dog was lovely other than her snapping twice…those of us involved in rescue deal with this behavior frequently and are prepared to work with the dog or accept the dog unconditionally. More than likely this poor little girl WAS ABUSED and she was merely protecting herself! No reason to be killed…So now we know more about Rosie…PLEASE HELP her find her rightful home…we don’t want to see her euthanized for snapping.  

Sept 24, 2013

Wantagh, Long Island,  Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

ROSE - 2313 - 5+ year old SPAYED Chow/ Golden mix, vision impaired

Rose was abandoned outside of our shelter with a hand written note saying she had a skin condition...(she was just infested with fleas) and she should be put down (she shouldn't) and she is 20 years old (she's not)

Can someone please help this poor girl?  She was shaved down and treated for the fleas…she is a doll!!

CONTACT Emily Tanen




Name: Buddy

Sex: Male, neutered
Breed:  Corgi Mix
Age: approx. 5 years
Location: San Jose, California
Buddy is a very sweet Corgi mix, who lost his sight due to glaucoma.  Buddy was found alone and blind wandering the streets of San Jose. When we finally got him help we realized he had been living in constant pain for many years.  The decision was made to remove his eyes and give Buddy the gift of living pain-free for the rest of his life.   The transformation has been amazing. 
For the first time Buddy has discovered the joy of playing with squeaky toys and playing tug-of-war with his foster parents.  Buddy adores going for walks and loves attention and belly rubs.   Because of his blindness Buddy is looking for a home that will understand his need for patience while he learns to navigate through a world which has greatly improved for him but still has many challenges to meet.  Buddy would like a home with a small fenced yard and would do best as the only dog or possibly with another small passive dog.  If you are interested in meeting this handsome guy or would like more information please contact us at:



My name is Shelly and I work with Sayulitanimals. We are a non-profit organization based an hour North of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Our mission is to eliminate animal suffering and to educate people about animal welfare - creating a mutual environment of compassion and respect. Please read more on our website

I am writing to you today in regards to one of our special needs dogs. His name is Eli and I have been fostering him since early November of last year. Unfortunately, I am at risk of losing my housing due to the number of animals I am caring for. Eli is truly a special case as you can read below.  My husband is visiting his family in the States next month, and I am deeply hoping your organization would be able to take Eli into its folds. We are well practiced in sending dogs across the border and will incur any charges. We don't think Eli would do well in a kennel but will continue to flourish in a home situation.  Please read and feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to call and chat if that would be easier. I have also posted some videos of sweet Eli for you to watch. Just click on the YouTube links below.

All dogs are special but wait until you hear Eli’s story.  Found in the middle of a Mexican highway, on a hot and humid late October afternoon, he was one of the saddest cases of distress we had ever seen - severely emaciated, arched over, stuck in full body spasms, we thought he might be about to vomit, but he continued this full body twitching for a few moments and then eventually, painfully he worked his convulsing body off the road.  As we approached he wanted to run and gave an attempt at a bark but his body wasn’t listening.  He didn’t seem to have much time left.  His jaw muscles had locked up making it basically impossible to eat. His forehead was indented as his muscles had twitched themselves away.  He could not walk or even sit for a few moments without getting pulled into some awkward position by the twitching. 

It turns out, that Eli had been fighting Distemper the previous 3 months.  His owners had visited the vet a few times, but between lack of money and understanding, Eli was left to deal with his illness on his own.  In addition, he was also fighting Erlichia (a local tic borne disease).

By the time we got Eli to the vet and home, it was obvious that this guy was a little warrior.   It was his courage, determination and spunk for life that led us through the last 9 months together.  He was getting it all - Western and Holistic medicine, special meals and supplements, massages, beach walks, hydrotherapy and tons of love.  At first we blended his food so he could eat it through clenched teeth.  He received his own closet padded in yoga mats and pillows. With every day you could see signs of repair. His tail that was permanently contracted between his legs, started to relax, point to the sides and then one day we thought we saw a wag. His jaw muscles slowly started to release and today he enjoys normal kibble.  Less of him was twitching and the twitches slowed down in frequency.  We found these subtle changes amazing and normal dog behavior joyful.  To watch him lick or scratch himself, stretch, play softly with our cat or full contact with our lab, it was all miraculous. 

To see Eli today, in motion, you would never know anything was or is wrong with him.  It is a beautiful thing to watch him run the beach with our pack.  But when he is still, you can see the remains of his distemper:  his hind right leg continues to twitch 24 hours a day - sometimes mildly sometimes more strongly.  Some nights or late afternoons his twitching is reminiscent of the dog we first met, including spasms throughout more of his body, head & jaw.  At rest, Eli also tends to whimper or cry.  This audible tic is off when he is active, alert or stimulated, and then worse some times of day - without clear pattern or reason. The audible tic flickers on & off as he sleeps.  We have some natural and pharmaceutical options to assist him in these more difficult times, but they are not enough and we continue to research remedies for his tics.  We have been assured by a few vets that he is not suffering.  His cries are another neurologic casualty of the distemper - synapses that are firing off incorrectly due to the high fever and infection he had endured.  Regardless of the tics, Eli is very functional, smart and sweet ALL the time.  He will jump out of a whimpering moment to chase our lab outside or run out to greet our car.  He has not had any seizures or other neurological symptoms or findings.  Eli is alive and has lots of living and loving left to do.  The time has come for Eli to find a forever home. A home that will understand where he came from, the healing he still needs to go through and the incredibly special dog he is.                   

Video of Eli when we first found him Nov 2012 -

Video of Eli trying to get comfortable on dog bed Nov 2012 -

Video of Eli trying to drink thru his twitching Nov 2012 -

Video of Healthy Eli playing Late December 2012 –

Video of Healthy Eli playing in June with his Cat girlfriend –



I was wondering how to go about posting a dog from our rescue on your site? He is an amazing pitty that is deaf and we feel he has been overlooked in our rescue because of his disability. We want nothing more than for him to be adopted into a loving home! He has worked with a trainer that we hired on learning hand commands, and we are in the process of researching the best vibration collar for him.

His name is Pipsqueak and you can see him on our website as well as our Facebook page.Please let us know if you can help - we are located in the SE Pennsylvania area.

Thanks in advance,
Melissa Mariner

President/Founder, Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue, Inc.
A Non-Profit Rescue Organization



Hello!  My name is Andrew .  I was wondering if you had room for a dog, a 6 YO 6 pound black Pomeranian, whose name is Dexter.  The dog has what is believed to be epilepsy, he has been having seizures since he was a young dog.  The seizures usually occur about every 6 months for a period of like 1 week.  The dog is currently in upstate New York, but arrangements could be made to have him shipped or even driven to you (we could foot the bill to have him shipped if you could take good care of him and find him a good home with someone who can do the same).  We, my wife and I, are the current owners but do not have the resources to take good care of him, the care he deserves.  Lately the seizures have been getting longer and more frequent and we just can't afford to provide the treatment he needs.  He is a sweet dog and we do not want to have to put him to sleep, but we can no longer afford to take care of him as we have spent most of what we have on him.  If you are interested please let me know.  We just want to find a good home for him with someone who can provide him the care he needs to live a happy life.  I have attached a photo in case your want to see what he looks like.  Also, if you can't take him do you know of someone who would want to take him or some other place to contact.  I thank you very much for your time and consideration! 

"Anything for love!
With her affectionate nature and wiggling hips, it’s easy to see that Twinkie adores people.
Twinkie is an affectionate dog, who would love to be someone’s devoted friend. She knows how to sit, shake, and down. She is a pleasure to take on walks, and is housebroken and crate trained. All this and she is only three years old!
By now you’re probably wondering how such an amazing girl finds herself looking for a special home. Her foster home was sad to learn that this beautiful girl has hip dysplasia.
Twinkie’s true love, her future family, is out there waiting for her. A family looking for a smart, sweet, affectionate dog with a love of life. A family which understands she isn’t defined by her hip dysplasia, but accept it’s a condition that will require ongoing management.
Cuddles will never be restricted, but Twinkie will require a quieter pace of life. She will enjoy calm, steady walks and being inside with you, keeping you company and warming your feet on cold evenings. Young children may provide a little too much excitement and boisterous play for this girl.
If you go out and buy a puppy you can never be certain of the future. Some dogs do unexpectedly present with hip dysplasia and often owners are broadsided by the news. With Twinkie, you know what to expect. You can be prepared. And whilst the karma points for adopting a special needs dog are huge, Twinkie would like to think that she has a huge amount to offer on her side of the deal. In addition to already being very well trained, Twinkie is vaccinated, spayed, micro-chipped, wormed, and is on heart worm and flea/tick prevention.
Twinkie is waiting to give her heart and soul to whomever adopts her. If you are looking for a devoted companion, please consider giving Twinkie a chance to become your new best friend.
If you are interested in learning more about, meeting, or adopting Twinkie, please email her foster home at:
Twinkie’s adoption fee is $180.
Watch a video of Twinkie here: 



Our family recently got a German Shepherd puppy we named Gunner. He is currently a little over 4 months old but has been having on and off issues with seizures. He has been in and out of multiple vet hospitals as well as seen by multiple vets, both conventional and holistic to try and help his problem and no one can seem to find anything wrong with him except to say that he will continue to live with this seizure disorder forever. Due to the time and dedication needed to take care of Gunner my family is running out of options and they cannot handle him and give him the attention he deserves for much longer. One vet actually suggested putting Gunner down and because of the options running out some members of my family were considering that as an option. I myself am a huge pet lover and I just can’t see putting down this beautiful, handsome and sweet puppy just because his medical issues are difficult to handle and admittedly very time consuming.

Lauren F. O’Connor (908)-420-7950



2 Black Labrador puppies, one boy (Cole) and one girl (Luna) - only 4 months old.  They are special need pups, they have something called mega-esophagus (please google this if interested). They eat small meals several times a day to help keep their food down (regurgitation happens every once in a while) and we monitor their water intake.  They eat Natures Domain gain-free food from Costco, we just soak it with water overnight...and we give them daily vitamins and calorie booster (both from petsmart). 

Besides that...they are very happy, playful and fun little puppies.  Very sweet, both love to chill on the couch with me and just give me kisses.  The are super smart and pretty much potty trained...very good about their daily schedules.  Great walker on the leash/harness, I think its because they love to just follow me everywhere. We would like for them to go to a home together because they play so good together and they LOVE each other so much, but are willing to separate.

Please contact Dolores at or call 8o5 732-722O