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Please use an abundance of caution when placing your specialneeds pets.  Do not rely on personal impression, not even on "vet checks".   If at all possible visit the potential adopter in person or have a trustworthy person do same. You are the only person to protect your pet from falling into the hands of a "con". TRUST BUT VERIFY .


Hi! My name is Erin Marshall, I am a veterinary technician at Diamond M Vet Clinic in Kenton, Ohio. A couple weeks ago we received an injure mama cat and her three kittens. One of the kittens appeared to be having trouble using his back legs as he grew. Today we performed diagnostic radiographs that revealed a dislocated spine. Otherwise he is a completely normal, healthy, one month old kitten! We have found a home for the mama and other two kittens, but we cannot find a home for the disabled kitten. If we cannot find a home quickly, we will be left with no choice other than euthanasia. His disability is that he will never use his back legs property, although he can use them a little bit. If your rescue is able to help us, or if you can point us in the direction of one the can, please let us know! You can email me back at, or call Diamond M at 567-673-0426 and ask for Susan or Erin regarding our orange kitten! Thank you!


I recently came across this little one under a van on a side street in Hollywood, CA. He is loving and warm which makes me think he once had a home but has been abandoned and is doing his best to fend for himself. He has one eye, with medical attention needed for the other, and I am working on getting him fixed up. I really connected with him and would take him in myself if it werenít for my job which requires long stints of travel. If you or someone you may know who can help me relocate him off the street, please let me know. Iíve contacted local shelters throughout Southern California and it seems that no one is willing to take him in, possibly due to his disability. Iíve offered to sponsor him as well but it did not sway them.

Mila Salahuddin
Communications Manager

1024 North Orange Drive, Suite 215
Hollywood, CA 90038
F. 323.308.3557

I work at a veterinarian hospital in Porterville Ca. I have a customer that needs to rehome a domestic shorthair neutered male cat . He's is pure white and he's deaf . There are no shelters here that are no kill. Is this something you could help me with ? I don't want him to euthanize cat . Please let me know asap. Jolene Huckabay

Hello, my name is Kimberly Bailey. My mother has a male cat that is deaf. He is fixed and has had his shots. He is not feral but temperamental. She can not take care of him anymore and is afraid he is going to scratch my elderly father. Winston is a good cat just spoiled and friendly to few. I just want this special kitty to be inside and loved by someone who is capable of taking care of him. Please help. Thank you.

Sophie, Scooter and Midnight need a new home because Daddy has dementia and can no longer take care of them.  They have friends and family, but sadly due to allergies and living situations, they have to find a home with a kind and loving stranger.  They are really worried because they love their Daddy and their home, and they canít understand why they have to move.
They hope someone will read this post, look at their lovely photos and give them the stability and care they need.  Hereís a quick introduction to them:
Sophie, Scooterís 14 year old mom, puts up a front as being sassy and independent, but donít let her fool you.  She is a total lap cat who puts 100% trust in her people.
Scooter is Sophieís 13 year old son and loves nothing better than to roll on his back for a belly massage.  Yes, it looks like he rubbed his nose in some white paint and messed up his tuxedo, but itís really just a quirk of his coloring.
At 5 years old, Midnight is the baby.  And knows it.  Heíll take all the attention and chin scratches he can get.
Everyone Ė especially Sophie and Scooter - would like to move together, but they know that may not be possible.  Could you welcome Daddyís cats into your home?  Knowing Sophie, Scooter and Midnight are safe and sound in a loving home would make a 77 year old man feel much less anxious about the future.
Sarah Beth Woodruff  |  919.413.6247                                        | 


I work as a technician at a vet clinic in lake city fl and was wondering if you could take or refer me to a rescue that would take a kitten we have in our care. 
He cannot urinate on his own and will possibly need his bladder expressed for his lifetime he is very cooperative with this process and very sweet. He has no know issues other than this